Our goal is not just to teach dance, but also to mediate great feeling of art and the enjoyement of movement.


Liz LaRocque

"Vitek and Kristyna know their stuff! They are CZ National Champions, and they are both qualified as high level judges. As a bonus, they are also very nice and make the dance lessons enjoyable. I started with them as a beginner (in my 40s), but have enjoyed it so much that Vitek and I are now entering Pro-Am dance competitions together. I am still in awe that I am being taught by such amazing dancers."

Prague, April 2017

liina a pavel havlíček

We are very happy that we found Kristyna to help us prepare for our wedding dance. It was not an easy task to make a choreography for us because in our wedding party we had a very small dancing area. Also, the song that we chose was a bit tricky: very slow and only suitable for rumba. But Kristyna managed very well and she had good ideas on how to guide us. Although we are no the biggest dancing talents then we learnt her choreography very fast. She really knows what she is doing. Finally, our wedding dance was a big success rising a lot of interest in our unmarried friends who may need some dance classes in the future ;)

Praha, leden 2016

Sanita a yuLiy pukite

Myself and my (now) husband took lessons with Kristyna and Tomas to prepare for our wedding dance. My husband had never danced before, so we really had to start from the very beginning. We took total of about 12 lessons and Kristyna helped us to design the choreography as well as to learn all steps. The dance turned out very well and our guests were definitely very impressed. Kristyna has great sense of humor and dance lessons were ot onl;y useful for our wedding dance, but also was great fun and nice way to spend quality time with my husband.

Prague, March 2015

Peter Edwardson

Thank you Vitek and Kristyna for your help on the Teva event, it was great to work with you you did a fantastic job, the client was very happy with the ball dance involvement and you brought a lot of fun to the activity.

Peter Edwardson, ICS LIVE LIMITED, Prague, February 2015

Dr. KrisztIna krejci

I have been taking ballroom dance lessons from Vitek for almost a year. He has excellent teaching skills: he is not only patient but also focuses on attention to details. The lessons have very good atmosphere thanks to Vitek's professionalism, friendliness and great sense of humour.
Overall, I definitely recommend Vitek and Kristyna in case you want to take fun and quality dance lessons.

Dr. Krisztina Krejci, Prague, July 2014

John and Sarah nalty

"Our lessons with Vitek have been great fun. We may not be the best dancers, but we have learnt the basic steps for many dance styles now. Vitek has a great ability to teach us something new each lesson but build on the foundations learnt during previous weeks. He is also extremely patient (especially with Jon) and encourages and instructs us gently yet confidently. He has a great sense of humour and we always come away from the lessons smiling."

Sarah and John Nalty, Prague, July, 2013

Vladimir Vimberg

’’The most difficult step in dance is to start’’. It was a big fortune for me to make this first step under supervision of Kristyna and Vitek. Kristyna and Vitek have extraordinary talent in teaching. They always manage to find special word and special explanation that makes it very easy to understand the dance, its technique and mistakes. I enjoy lessons and always look forward to the next ones.

Vladimir Vimberg, April, 2013

Dr. John Ichsan Tan

"My wife and I are competition ballroom dancers from Australia. We were fortunate to find Vitek and Kristyna to be our dance teachers in Praha. They are excellent teachers and we plan to return later this year for more teaching in preparation for the National Championship in Praha."

Dr. John Ichsan Tan, January 2013

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